Program Information

2018 – 2019


Academic Programs

TDS Preschool (2 to 4 years olds, as of 8/31/18) (9:00 – 1:00)    $7,850

Grades K and up                                              (8:00 – 4:00)    $15,750


Application Fee (For New Students Only)

An application fee of $50 per student must accompany the completed Enrollment Application Form.

Fees *

Registration                   $180 per student

Supply Fee                     $225 per student

Grade 8 Graduation Fee   $75 per graduate

Building Fee       $1,500 per family (waived the first two years for new families)

Give!Get!**                     $500 per student

Tuition Reduction Information

To apply or for more information please click here.

Please keep in mind that the need for tuition reduction is greater than the available funds.

Returning Student Enrollment Checklist

  Registration Fee

Upon Registration:

  Tuition and Registration Contract

  Facts Payment Form

New Student Enrollment Checklist

  Enrollment Application Form (copies of pages one and two for each student)

  Application Fee

  Records Request Form

Upon Acceptance:

  Registration Fee

  Tuition and Registration Contract

  Facts Payment Form



* Credit cards are not accepted for any school fees.

** Give!Get! is fulfilled via donations and/or solicitations.