Through a Torah lens, the Torah Day School of Seattle nurtures each student to LOVE Hashem and live Torah, to LEARN about themselves and the world, and to ACT with derech eretz.



Our mission is to provide an education that focuses on the individual student and develops the potential of each child.


Our goal is to provide each student with the requisite skills, refinement of character, and love of Torah necessary to lead lives as contributing members of Klal Yisrael and society.

             WHO WE ARE

A school that differentiates instruction based on the student's ability and learning style while maintaining high Academic Standards in Judaic and General Studies. Visit the school and experience the nurturing environment for yourself...

Our Goal

Our goal is to prepare our students for life by inspiring each student with a love of and commitment to Torah study, Torah observance, refinement of character, the Jewish people, Israel, Academic rigor and lifelong learning.


How We Do it

Like any good system, we constantly reevaluate our progress. We assess the students, place them, differentiate their instruction to match their learning objectives, track their progress, reevaluate, and start the process again. We think it's imperative that the students learn what they need in a manner that is most conducive to their growth while maintaining high academic standards.

“We have two kids with very different learning styles. Torah Day School approaches them differently, allowing each of them to develop in line with their own unique abilities and potential.”
— Torah Day School Parent

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