TDS Boys High School Division

Mission Statement

The TDS Boys High School is a yeshiva that instills in its students a personal love for and commitment to Hashem, an unwavering commitment to serious Torah learning and Halachic observance, and a refined character. We offer a rigorous college-preparatory program focused on math, modern science, technology, and the humanities.

We create meaningful connections with our students by providing an immersive environment that nurtures their academic success, happiness, and growth in and out of school.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a yeshiva in Seattle that elevates the level of Torah scholarship in our community, prepares students to excel at the college of their choice, and cultivates the next generation of successful adults. We are committed to creating a memorable high school experience for each student by helping him set and reach ambitious academic goals, form lifelong bonds of friendship with peers and mentors, while developing a deep love and commitment to Torah and mitzvot. Students graduate well prepared for their advanced studies in yeshiva and college with the confidence they need to pursue their life goals.

Educational Philosophy

Our program is uniquely designed for the community which it serves and honors the individuality of each student, their ambitions after high school, and their relationship to Torah and mitzvos. The yeshiva experience is unique and takes an all-encompassing approach to the development of a ben Torah by prioritizing relationships with rebbeim and offering a full schedule of activities during and after school hours. We emphasize a responsibility for the Jewish People (עם ישראל) and a dedication to the State of Israel (מדינת ישראל) while encouraging communal involvement.

Our dual focus on Torah and college preparatory coursework distinguishes the yeshiva as an exemplary institution of higher learning and personal development. As part of a college preparatory program, our students receive an excellent general studies education which offers AP courses and prepares them for the SAT. After four years, we anticipate graduating a class of grounded young men whose commitment to Torah learning and academics enable them to confidently navigate a rapidly changing, modern world.